A full service Design studio

​​​​​​​​​​Studio  jhoiey, inc. 

A Modern Take on Filipino Cuisine:

The contrast between textural elements and the intensity between light and dark with a punch of colors that insinuates the Philippine flag. The exterior uses modern masonry blocks with playful angles and punched-thru holes that mimics the piña fabric used in Barong Tagalog (male formal wear) layered over plastered gray concrete with window light boxes and full height glass walls that exposes the kitchen. A trellis clad with copper and tainless steel marks the entry way. The interior uses textured wall panels (dark on the lower level and lighter on the upper level) accented by copper cladding on the reception desk and bar which gives the place a formality that gourmet dictates. All service stations are clad in stainless steel to clearly define it from the rest of he space since it is the vein of the operations. Lacquered spindles (form inspired by the 300 years of Spanish influence) are used at table legs and balustrades. The contextual relationship between traditional forms and modern finishes plays nicely even with the furniture selection.


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