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Dinner plates maiolica.

Made in deruta by jhoiey.

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This line of ceramic plates and bowls were designed by Jhoiey in Deruta, Italy at Antica Fornace. Antica Fornace Deruta is located in the popular ceramics production city of Deruta, Italy.  Antica Fornace Deruta has been creating maiolica, the painted, tin glazed pottery originating in Italy during the Renaissance period, for generations.  Jhoiey found this family owned and historic shop and museum during her travels, and was inspired by the ancient process of ceramics and pottery. She designed these plates, from the detailed hand painting and forming, to the drying and hardening in Antica Fornace's pre-Roman kiln.

These ceramic pieces range from deep and shallow bowls to round and square plates in black, white, and yellow color combinations. Some of the plates have an inclined basin for sophisticated and stylish plating and eating--perfect for dinner parties and classy celebrations. 

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